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Dieses Portal widmet sich dem Themengebiet Dark Wave in der deutschsprachigen Wikipedia. Dark Wave ist eine Epoche der Musik, die sich von den späten 1970er Jahren bis in die 1990er Jahre erstreckt. Diese Epoche deckt Musikformen ab, die sich in der Zeit der Post-Punk- und New-Wave-Bewegung entwickelten und hinsichtlich ihrer klanglichen Umsetzung als dunkel, trist, elegisch oder sehnsuchtsvoll wahrgenommen werden.
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A bis H

Crainquebille, Putois, Riquet - Illuminated Initial - A.png

Action Pact ·After Darkness ·Age of Heaven ·Alien Sex Fiend ·All About Eve ·And Also the Trees ·Annabelle’s Garden ·Arts and Decay ·A Spell Inside ·Ataraxia ·Autumn Tears ·Bacio di Tosca ·Bauhaus ·Belfegore ·Bloody Dead and Sexy ·Cadra Ash ·Calling Dead Red Roses ·Cancer Barrack ·Cell Division ·Chants of Maldoror ·The Chameleons ·Chandeen ·Christian Death ·Cinema Strange ·Circle of Sig-Tiu ·Clair Obscur ·Clan of Xymox ·Cocteau Twins ·Corpus Delicti ·The Crüxshadows ·The Cure ·Current 93 ·Dargaard ·Dark Sanctuary ·Das Ich ·Dead Can Dance ·Dead or Alive ·Death in June ·The Deep Eynde ·Deine Lakaien ·Depeche Mode ·Diary of Dreams ·Die Form ·Die verbannten Kinder Evas ·Diva Destruction ·The Dreamside ·Echo & The Bunnymen ·Elend ·Endraum ·Engelsstaub ·Escape With Romeo ·The Essence ·The Eternal Afflict ·Explizit Einsam ·Fields of the Nephilim ·Fliehende Stürme ·Forthcoming Fire ·The Frozen Autumn ·Garden of Delight (Deutschland) ·Garden of Delight (Norwegen) ·Geisterfahrer ·Ghost Dance ·Ghosting ·Girls Under Glass ·Goethes Erben ·Golden Apes ·Hagalaz’ Runedance ·The House of Usher ·

I bis Z

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Ikon ·Illuminate ·In My Rosary ·In the Nursery ·Joy Division ·Kiss the Blade ·Kirlian Camera ·Lacrimosa ·Lady Besery’s Garden ·London After Midnight ·The Lords of the New Church ·Love Is Colder Than Death ·Love Like Blood ·Lycia ·Malaria! ·Mania D ·Marquee Moon ·The Mission ·Mittageisen ·Moon ·Moonchild ·Paralysed Age ·Passion Noire ·Pink Industry ·Pink Turns Blue ·Printed at Bismarck’s Death ·Project Pitchfork ·Psyche ·Qntal ·Red Lorry Yellow Lorry ·Relatives Menschsein ·Rosa Crux ·Rosengarten ·Run Run Vanguard ·Sanguis et Cinis ·Scarlet’s Remains ·Schattenkinder ·Secret Discovery ·Sex Gang Children ·Skeletal Family ·Silke Bischoff ·Siouxsie and the Banshees ·The Sisterhood ·The Sisters of Mercy ·Sixth Comm/Mother Destruction ·Sol Invictus ·Sophya ·Sopor Aeternus ·Sorrow ·Soul in Isolation ·Still Patient? ·Stoa ·Swans of Avon ·Sweet William ·Switchblade Symphony ·This Mortal Coil ·Trash Groove Girls ·Trisomie 21 ·Untoten ·Virgin Prunes ·Vendemmian ·The Vyllies ·Weltenbrand ·Whispers in the Shadow ·The Wolfgang Press ·Wolfsheim ·Xmal Deutschland ·



Bizarre-Festival ·Castle Party ·Christmas on Earth ·Dark Wave Meeting ·Diabolus Cantus Festival ·Futurama ·Herbstnächte ·Night of Darkness ·Ombre Sonore Festival ·Sacrosanct Festival ·Sol et Luna Festival ·Wave-Gotik-Treffen ·Whitby Gothic Weekend ·Zillo Festival


Abby ·Batcave ·Clarendon Ballroom ·Cräsh ·Electric Ballroom ·Étage ·Factory ·Helter Skelter ·Insel Berlin ·Kit Kat ·The Limelight ·Linientreu ·Live Club ·Lyceum Ballroom ·Markthalle Hamburg ·Melodrom ·Music Hall Hannover ·Ohm ·Okie Dokie ·PC69 ·Tempel ·U4 ·Zwischenfall

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Artikel, die korrigiert oder ergänzt werden müssen:

Überarbeiten Überarbeiten (4)

Alt porn· Bobok (Künstler)· Rosa Crux· The House of Usher

Lückenhaft Lückenhaft (1)

Siglo XX (Band)

Belege fehlen Belege fehlen (8)

Age of Heaven· And Also the Trees· Andrea Haugen· Arts and Decay· Elend (Band)· Irokesenschnitt· Merciful Nuns· Movement

Verwaiste Artikel Verwaist (6)

Art Abscons· Cream VIII· Drella’s Dream Drops· Rain Diary· The Black Belles· Trash Groove Girls

Defekter Weblink Defekter Weblink (auf max. 50 Artikel beschränkt)

Allerseelen (Band) (Disk)· Andrea Haugen (Disk)· Arcana (Band) (Disk)· Arditi (Musikprojekt) (Disk)· Backworld (Disk)· Black Celebration (Disk)· Bloody Dead and Sexy (Disk)· Brendan Perry (Disk)· Brillig (Disk)· Chants of Maldoror (Disk)· Christ Vs. Warhol (Disk)· Dargaard (Disk)· Dark Sanctuary (Disk)· Dead Can Dance (Disk)· Death in June (Disk)· Derek Rowen (Disk)· Dreadful Shadows (Disk)· Empyrium (Disk)· Es reiten die Toten so schnell (Disk)· First and Last and Always (Disk)· Floodland (Band) (Disk)· Floodland (Disk)· Gary Marx (Disk)· Ikon (Band) (Disk)· Jon Klein (Disk)· Justin Jones (Gitarrist) (Disk)· Kveldssanger (Disk)· Lacrimosa (Disk)· Merciful Nuns (Disk)· Midnight Syndicate (Disk)· Mystigma (Disk)· Nick Cave (Disk)· No Carrier (Disk)· Olli Wisdom (Disk)· Orplid (Band) (Disk)· Paralysed Age (Disk)· Peter Heppner (Disk)· Peter Murphy (Musiker) (Disk)· Play Dead (Disk)· Prophecy Productions (Disk)· Psyche (Band) (Disk)· Ruby Gloom (Disk)· Schattenspiel (Lacrimosa-Album) (Disk)· Simon Huw Jones (Disk)· Siouxsie and the Banshees (Disk)· Sixth Comm (Disk)· Sol Invictus (Band) (Disk)· Soul in Isolation (Disk)· Star Industry (Disk)· The Black Belles (Disk)

| |Fehlende Artikel

Band A bis L

13 Candles- 34 Vampires- 45 Grave- Apocalyptic Vision- Artesia (Band)- Amber Asylum- Actifed- Alan Woxx- Altered States- Anchorage- Arc Gotic- Artesia- Artica- Arts & Decay- Asylum Party- Athamay- Aurora Sutra- Auscult- Autumn- Autumn Cathedral- B·F·G- Babylon Will Fall- Balaam and the Angel- Baroque Bordello- Batzz in the Belfry- Bone Orchard- The Brotherhood of Pagans- This Burning Effigy- The Beautiful Disease- Beyond the Wall of Sleep- Black Ice- Black Rose- Black Tape For A Blue Girl- Blade Fetish- Bleeding Like Mine- Blooding Mask- The Breath of Life- Burning Image- Catherines Cathedral- Capital Hell- The Crystelles- Canticum Funebris- Carcrash International- The Caves- Chaos God- Children of No Return- Children on Stun- Cold Phoenix- Collection d’Arnell-Andréa- Cries of Tammuz- Cult of the Psychic Fetus- Demonix- Dead Souls Rising- Die Laughing- Dorsetshire (Band)- The Danse Society- Darc Entries- Daucus Karota- Days of Sorrow- Dead Roses Garden- Dead Souls Rising- The Deadfly Ensemble- Deafear- Death Ride 69- Decades- Décima Víctima- Derrière le Miroir- DeSade- The Disorder- Dream Disciples- Dronning Maud Land- Drown for Resurrection- The Drowning Season- Every New Dead Ghost- Eat Your Make-up- Echoes of Silence- Elysium- The Empire Hideous- Ermeneuma- Eros Necropsique- Every New Dead Ghost- Ex-Voto- Excès Nocturne- Exedra- Eyes of the Nightmare Jungle- Fading Colours- Fahrenheit 451- Falling Janus- Festival der Geisteskranken- Fetisch Park- Fools Dance- For Against- Funeral Party- Gargoyle Sox- The Ghost of Lemora- Giant’s Causeway- Gothic Sex- Grass Harp- The Hall of Souls- Happy Straps- Harvest Rain- Hatesex- Head on Fire- Holylore- The Horatii- The Illusion Fades- Impressions of Winter- In Exelsis- In Mitra Medusa Inri- Judith- KaS Product- Kommunity FK- La Floa Maldita- La Morte de la Maison - Leningrad Sandwich- Libitina- Little Nemo- Limbo- Lore of Asmoday- Los Monaguillosh- Love Spirals Downwards- Lucie Cries

Band M bis Z

The Machine in the Garden- Madre del Vizio- Manic P- Manuskript- The March Violets- Mask for- Memoires d’Automne- Mephisto Walz- Minimal Compact- Misantrophe- The Moors- Morbid Poetry- Morbus Kitahara- The Morendoes- Mors Syphilitica- Myrna Loy- The Naked and the Dead - Nature and Organisation- Ninth Circle- Nervous Choir- New Day- No Critics- Non Compos Mentis- Nuit d’Octobre- Nuuk- Nythra- Of a Mesh- Opera Multi Steel- Ophelia’s Dream- Ordo Equitum Solis- Party Day- Passion Play- Phaidia- Phallus Dei- The Phantom Limbs- Pins and Needles- Plastique Noir- Poésie Noire- Pompeii 99- Preussak- Prophet O’Haphazard- The Prophetess- Realm of Doom- Red Temple Spirits- The Redresser- Remain in Silence- Reptyle- Requiem in White- Résistance- Restoration- Return to Khaf’ji- Revenge of Nephtys- The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus- The Rose of Avalanche- Rosetta Stone- Rubicon- Screaming for Emily- Screams for Tina- Seraphin Twin- Shadowplay- The Shroud- Simon Dreams in Violet- Sleeping Dogs Wake- The Snake Corps- Solemn Novena- Soul Merchants- Stimmen der Stille- Stone 588- Substance of Dream- Subterfuge- Sunglasses After Dark- Super Heroines- Suspiria- Syria- Tanit- Taste of Decay- Tears of Passion- Tempesta Noire- Theatre of Ice- Thelema- This Ascension- This Burning Effigy- This Dark Noise- Tones on Tail- The Tors of Dartmoor- Trance to the Sun- Twelve Thousand Days- Twisted Nerve- Two Witches- UK Decay- Ultimatome- Die Unbekannten- Under a Purple Sky- This Vale of Tears- Venus Walk- Vermillion Fields- Violet Tears- Vivid Atmosphere- Voices of Masada- Voodoo Church- The Wake (US-amerikanische Band)- Wallenberg- Wasteland- The Way of All Flesh- Witching Hour- Wreckage- Yell-o-Yell- Zadera- Zero Kama


- Craig Adams (Musiker)- Kerry Bolton- Lucie Cries- Rune Eriksen- Robert Ferbrache- Reeves Gabrels- Christoph Heemann (Musiker)- Steve Ignorant- Ivo Watts-Russell- Mindy Kumbalek- Volkmar Kuhnle- Willy Leisten- Carl McCoy- James Mason (Neonazi)- Mick Mercer- Gento Navaho- Douglas Pearce- Ian Read (Musiker)- Marlon Shy- Eric Stenbock- Werner Symanek- Steffen Voges


- Accession Records- Alice in…- Chrom Records- Cthulhu Records- Dion Fortune Records- Fiction Records- Hanseatic- Hyperium Records- Indigo- Metropolis Records- Projekt Records- Strange Ways- Strobelight Records

Unter „Dark Wave“ werden Stilformen klassifiziert, die Ende der 1970er und in den 1980er Jahren entstanden sind. Hierzu zählen:
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Für das Dark-Wave-Umfeld typische Musikinstrumente:

Modelle (Auswahl)

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  • 4AD
  • Alea Jacta Est
  • Alice in...
  • Anagram Records
  • Apocalyptic Vision
  • Apollyon Rekordings
  • Beggars Banquet
  • Cleopatra Records
  • Creep Records
  • Danse Macabre
  • Dark Star
  • Dion Fortune Records
  • Discordia
  • Energeia
  • Glasnost Records
  • Grave News Limited
  • Gymnastic Records
  • Hyperium Records
  • Jungle Records
  • M & A Musicart
  • Middle Pillar
  • New Rose Records
  • Nightbreed Recordings
  • Normal Records
  • Nyctalopia Records
  • Orphanage Records
  • Palace of Worms
  • Projekt Records
  • Radio Luxor
  • Resurrection Records
  • Sounds of Delight
  • Strobelight Records
  • Supporti Fonografici
  • Talitha Records
  • Tess Records
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